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Natural, safe, effective weight loss, which you control

Malory Band is a non stretch, soft, adjustable cord that is worn around your waist 24/7. It is a modern twist on a centuries old method for monitoring your weight and improving posture.

As you eat, your Malory Band starts to feel tight and triggers you to think about stopping eating. The cord is soft and doesn’t stretch, rub or wear, and is fully adjustable so as you lose weight, you can tighten your Malory Band as you start to lose weight.

Malory Band is a kind of ‘psychological gastric band’. It feels tighter as you eat, and so your awareness of your food intake is heightened.  Most people over-eat without meaning to, so wearing a Malory Band helps to remind your conscious self that you have probably consumed enough. Most of us only realise that we have eaten too much when it’s all too late.

This centuries old technique of losing weight is simple, safe and effective. Malory Band is the only product of its kind on the market, and is the first and only weight loss aid that is 100% non-invasive, safe and natural, designed to be discreet and bring out the sexy goddess in you by delivering fast, long term and enjoyable weight loss.

Malory Band works for you, without restricting the foods you crave most, and without working against your body, so your weight loss process becomes simple, and even enjoyable!

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Wearing the Malory Band


Having correct posture means that you’re keeping every part of your body aligned with the neighbouring parts, and your body is balanced and supported. This helps you to feel more confident, energetic, look slimmer and breathe better. Even your concentration improves when you breathe better!

When you have great posture, your core muscles are engaged, improving your core stability. Another bonus of having great posture is that as you age, your joints will be under less stress.

The moment you put on your Malory band you will feel yourself standing taller to avoid the tension of the cord.

When you’re driving, you will also feel the posture benefits of the band which will help improve your concentration and make you a safer driver.


Measure the narrowest point of your waist and use the chart (on the left) to choose which size will suit you best. Don’t forget that as you lose weight you’ll adjust your Malory Band using the buttonholes, so it will never be too small for you!


To fit the band, lie down or stand up, but don’t sit down. If you are standing it’s important to hold a good posture: raise your head as high as it will go, and hold your tummy in tightly.

Put the cord around your middle and push the button through the button hole that feels just right – it shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, but you should feel some tension.

You can wear it higher or lower around your middle – whatever feels right for you.

What The Press Say


Tina Oliver, a 44 year old hairdresser from Harrogate in the UK, went from 19 stone and a UK dress size 26, to weighing 11 stone and wearing a UK dress size 10, she lost 18 inches from her waist and 15 inches from her chest and hips.

Tina said: “Before, I lived on chocolate, biscuits and crisps. I was working as a hairdresser so it was easier just to grab something rather than have a sit down meal. At dinnertime, I’d have a Chinese takeaway or a pizza, and I’d drink cups of tea with two sugars all day. The only exercise I did was to walk the dog.”

“Even though I’m not eating nearly as much, I have so much more energy. My skin is bright and I look and feel so much younger. My Malory Band was a massive help. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come.”


Shelley says “I was in complete denial about my size and weight. I had no mirrors in my house – I couldn’t bear the sight of myself, but it didn’t stop me eating”.

At her heaviest, washing herself became an ordeal and she often found herself wedged in the bath. She dreaded flying because she needed a seatbelt extender, and using public toilets was a no-no. Even walking had become a problem. Shelley would drip with sweat and had to use talcum powder to ease the chafing on her thighs. “That’s when it dawned on me” she says, “I couldn’t carry on living like I was.”

Shelley borrowed £10,500 for a gastric bypass and lost 5 stone in the first year. After that, her weight plateaued but then she found the perfect solution to main her weight – a Malory Band!


Sophie says “I was so fat I didn’t know I was 38 weeks pregnant. When the doctor told me I was pregnant, I didn’t expect to be holding a baby 4 hours later!”

Sophie Bird from Oxfordshire, had piled on so much weight that didn’t even know she was pregnant. 

“At various points in my life, I’ve tried to lose weight. I think I’ve tried every diet going; Weight Watchers, 5:2 and Atkins. They all worked for a while, but none of them were sustainable, so whatever weight I lost, it all piled back on, and more” Sophie explains.

“At my heaviest, I weighed in at 21 stone and was a dress size 24. Thank goodness for my Malory Band. It’s helped me to lose 7.5 stone and want to lose 2 more stone!”


After seeing some photos of herself at a friend’s wedding, Kath was shocked by the reality of how she looked, and could no longer deny her need to lose a significant amount of weight.

This was her motivation to spend the next two years losing over 4 stone through sensible eating and regular exercise.

Determined never to put the weight back on, Catherine decided to try the Malory Band to maintain her new size 12 shape. 

Kath says, “I lived in a constant state of fear that the weight would come back on, that I would give up the diet or simply overeat, in the way that if you deny yourself a particular food, all you crave is that food. I was a slave to the scales and was demoralised if I put a single pound on”.

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