Introducing Malory Band


Introducing Malory Band

Natural, Effective

Weight Loss

No dieting, no fads – just natural, safe, effective weight loss

Malory Band is a non stretch, soft, adjustable cord that is worn around your waist 24/7. It’s a modern twist on a centres old method for monitoring your weight.

As you eat, your Malory Band starts to feel tight and triggers you to think about stopping eating. The cord is soft and doesn’t stretch, rub or wear, and is fully adjustable so as you lose weight, you can tighten your Malory Band as you start to lose weight.

Lose Weight Quickly

Malory Band immediately puts you in control of your food consumption, bringing visible results in days 

Lose Weight Safely

No dangerous diets or fads, just a clever way to control your portion sizes and monitor your weight loss, whilst improving your posture too!

Malory Band in a gift box

Lose Weight Permanently

Continue wearing Malory Band when you reach your ideal weight, and you’ll manitain your weight loss


Live a healthier, more confident life by reaching your body’s ideal weight build the habits that will help you stay there

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What The Press Say

Good Morning America

How I Lost 8 Stone in a Year!

Tina Oliver, a 44 year old hairdresser from Harrogate in the UK, went from 19 stone and a UK dress size 26, to weighing 11 stone and wearing a UK dress size 10. How? She ate more healthily, took regular exercise and wore a Malory Band.

Before Photo
After Photo. Lost 8 Stone.

Happy Customers

"I have worn my Malory Band since 2014 and I couldn't be with it now! It's the perfect alternative to dieting because I am in control and take full responsibility for what I eat and when"

Sarah Hester


“I have lost 2 stone since I bought my Malory Band, and I'm able to maintain that weight loss with my Malory Band constantly reminding me about what I am eating"

Harriet Craig


“My posture has always been poor, so as a last resort to improve things, I bought a Malory Band and have never looked back! "

Emelia Wakefield


“I love my Malory Band so much that I bought my friend one. We've both lost weight and not piled it back on. Thank you Malory Band!"

Sarah Keating


"It's ridiculously simple - but the best things always are!"

Francois Brodeur


"I say Malory Band in a magazine article so I gave it a go and I love it!"

Claudia Schmidt


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